How to Make Free Jar Labels

two jars with pickles isolated on white image by Elnur from

Things You'll Need

  • Design software
  • Printable sticker paper
  • Printer
  • Paper cutter

Searching through the canning jars in your pantry to figure out what is in each one is a thing of the past. Quit wasting time and make labels for every one of the jars. It takes just a few minutes, as you can use your computer to make free jar labels so you never have to wonder again.

Create a new document in any design software. Set the size to approximately 3 inches by 4 inches to make labels for pint-size jars or 5 inches by 6 inches for quart-size jars.

Design a border around the label. Use the clip art available in the software or create your own design using the shape tools.

Select the text tool and choose a font, size and color to type the information on the label. Include what is inside the jar, who made it and its ingredients. Be sure to include an expiration date.

Place several sheets of printable sticker paper inside the printer as directed by the manufacturer.

Choose the number of copies you need to print and do so.

Remove the printed sticker paper from the printer and allow the ink to dry for several minutes. Use a paper cutter to cut out the label.