How to Make Flubber with Borax and Glue

Bruno Neves

Things You'll Need

  • Non-toxic glue
  • Bowls
  • Food coloring
  • Wooden spoon
  • Glitter
  • Borax
  • Cup
  • Zipper lock bag

Flubber is a non-toxic, gooey substance that has no practical purpose, aside from being a fun craft project for children. However, adult supervision is recommended during creation and play. Flubber can be made in only a few minutes using a combination of borax, glue, and food coloring. You can make approximately 12 ounces of flubber.

Empty a four ounce bottle of non-toxic glue into a clean, empty bowl and stir in ten drops of the food coloring of choice using the wooden spoon. Act quickly before the glue can begin to dry.

Pour one teaspoon of glitter into the glue and stir in in. Add one teaspoon of borax into one cup of lukewarm water. Stir with a wooden spoon until all of the borax dissolves.

Add the borax solution to the glue mixture, stirring continuously with the wooden spoon. After five to ten minutes, the mixture will thicken into a glob.

Knead the flubber with your hands until it becomes smooth and dries completely.

Store the flubber in a zipper lock bag. Leave a small hole in the seal and press all excess air out. Seal the bag until the next use.


  • Alternatively, you can use pre-colored glue instead of using food coloring to add color to the flubber.


  • Children should be supervised while playing with flubber. It should not be ingested or allowed to come in contact with the eyes.