How to Make Floppy Sun Hats

By Tessa Holmes ; Updated September 15, 2017

Things Needed

  • Tape measure
  • Pattern
  • Material
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
Even babies can wear floppy Sun hats.

During summer days and on trips to the beach, the Sun can be brutal. Ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer, heat stroke and heat exhaustion as well as dehydration. Along with drinking plenty of water and wearing sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, like floppy Sun hats, can protect you from the dangers of overexposure to sunlight.

Take head measurements. Measure the circumference of your head, just above the ears, in inches. Select or print out a floppy sun hat pattern. Patterns make sewing the hat a lot easier.

Select two types of material for your floppy sun hat. One of the materials will be for the lining of the hat. The materials should be flexible enough that it can flop over without standing rigidly. Check your pattern package to determine the size of your hat and thus the amount of fabric you'll need.

Spread out the fabrics, one on top of the other. Cut out the pattern and lay it on top of both of the fabrics you purchased. Pin the pattern to the fabrics and cut both the pattern and the fabrics out, following the instructions on the pattern as you do so. Get several triangle-shaped fabric pieces and one circular piece for the brim.

Stitch the triangular pieces of fabric together, following the pattern instructions, sewing zigzag stitches. Remove the pins as you stitch to avoid damaging the sewing machine. The points of the pieces should be angled toward the top center of the hat. Attach the bases of the triangles to the circular rim of the hat. Try the hat on.

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