How to Make Fairies With Pipe Cleaners & Flower Petals

Cyndee Kromminga

Things You'll Need

  • 3 pipe cleaners
  • Silk flower carnation
  • 1/2-inch wood bead
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Craft glue
  • 1-inch wood bead
  • Wood skewer
  • Blush
  • Cotton swab
  • Black acrylic paint

Little girls love make believe and dolls, and fairies are a wonderful part of their make believe play. This fairy made from pipe cleaners and flower petals will add sparkle to the eyes of any little girl. It is quick and easy to make and several would be adorable party favors for a tea party. Provide all the supplies and create these fairies as a make-it-take-it craft activity for a little girl's birthday party. Provide an assortment of flower colors to allow each fairy to show off its own personality and that of its creator.

Fold one pipe cleaner in half for the fairy body. Insert the folded end of the pipe cleaner through the bead. Slide the 1/2-inch bead halfway down the length of the pipe cleaner. Apply a dab of craft glue to hold the bead in place.

Pop the head of the silk carnation off of the stem. Remove and save the plastic bottom of the carnation. Pull the flower petals apart. Thread the bended end of the pipe cleaner through the center hole of each flower petal. Push the petals down to the bead to create the skirt of the dress.

Cut one pipe cleaner in half and discard one half. Wind the center of one pipe cleaner half twice around the pipe cleaner body tightly, one inch above the flower petals. The two extending ends are your fairy's arms.

Slide the leaves off of the flower stem. Remove the plastic from the center. (Note: Silk flower carnation leaves are paired. The bottom ends are connected with a hole at the connection.) Insert the folded end of the body pipe cleaner through the center hole of the leaves.

Cross the ends of the leaves around the body, above the arms. Cross over the ends across the front of the body and under the arms. Cross over the ends behind the body, bring to the front again and tie the tips in a knot to hold. This creates the bodice of the fairy dress.

Measure and cut the top of the pipe cleaner to extend a 1/2 inch above the arms. Apply glue to the end of the cut pipe cleaner and insert into the 1-inch wood bead head. Apply glue to the inside plastic bottom that you saved when taking the carnation apart. Set the plastic bottom on the bead head and allow the glue to dry.

Cross over the ends of the remaining whole pipe cleaner one inch and twist to hold. The pipe cleaner should have an oval shape. Wrap the twisted ends of the pipe cleaner around the waist of the fairy and twist to hold. Push the top of the oval straight down to the twisted end on the body. This will create two fairy wings on the back of the fairy.

Curl the ends of the arms and legs around a wood skewer to create hands and feet. Apply blush to the cheeks of the fairy face using a cotton swab. Dip the blunt end of the wood skewer into black acrylic paint and dot two eyes on the center of the face. Allow the paint to dry.