How to Make Envelopes With No Tape or Glue

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You can purchase ordinary envelopes from stores of all kinds. However, if you want a custom, handmade envelope that will stand out when delivering a special message to a friend or family member, you can conveniently make your own bar envelope. Use bar envelopes for giving small cards, gift cards, custom notes and more. Make a custom bar envelope with just one sheet of paper, and securely seal it without using tape or glue.

Fold a rectangular sheet of paper in half by folding the two shorter sides together.

Take the open edge of the top half of paper and fold it back on itself. It should be in line with the closed edge.

Take the previously folded piece and fold the open edge back on itself again, so that it meets with the closed edge. Crease it and open the fold up.

Take the open edge and fold it back to the middle crease.

Keep the current fold and fold it back along the middle crease made in Step 3. This will create the bar of the envelope.

Take the open edge of the other side of the paper and fold it down so it meets the bottom of the bar. Crease it and open the fold back up.

Position the sheet so that the portion with the bar is facing you. Take the right corner and fold it up, in a triangular shape. It should meet the bottom edge of the bar. Crease it and repeat this step on the left corner.

Take the right side of the envelope and fold it in on itself, using the edges of the corner folds as guides. Crease it, and open the fold up. Repeat this step on the other side.

Work with the opposite sides that have free edges. Fold the top right side down so that it creates a diagonal crease at the top of the bar. Open the fold and repeat this step on the left side.

Unfold the corners on the bottom. Take the bar and fold it upward, in the opposite direction from the way it was originally folded. Fold in the top edge of the right side of the sheet toward the middle. The bottom portion will need to be opened into a triangular shape for the fold to be correct. Crease and repeat on the left side.

Take the top portion of the bar and fold it down; you will see the original shape of the bar again. Hook your finger into the triangular pocket on the right bottom corner. Pull it down and into the middle in order to fold the edge of the paper down on top and make a crease. Bring the corner up and tuck it up into the pocket. Repeat this on the left side.

Open the top pocket of the envelope and use your finger to tuck in the diagonal crease made on the right side in Step 9. Flatten that section of the envelope and crease it. Repeat on the left side.

Fold the top portion down to create the closing flap of the envelope. Take the edge of the flap and tuck it down underneath the bar. This will seal and complete your bar envelope.


  • You can use a wooden ruler as a folding tool. Simply press the ruler down onto folds to easily make defined creases.