How to Make Easter Bunny Feet

How to Make Easter Bunny Feet. The Easter Bunny is a mythical creature that parents encourage their child to believe in during the season of spring. He brings eggs and candy and sometimes toys to good boys and girls. A great way to help keep the mystery of the Easter Bunny alive is to have bunny tracks around the house. Your kids will be stunned and excited as they follow the tracks to see the path the bunny took in their home. Read on to learn how to make Easter Bunny feet.

Get a stencil or template of a rabbit paw from your local craft store or online.

Decide where you are going to put the rabbit's feet. If they are going outside you could take the template and draw around it on the pavement with sidewalk chalk. If they are going inside, use flour or sugar--something can easily be cleaned up after the day is over.

Draw the feet hopping to the house and away from the house. The age of the child will determine how elaborate you will need to get to keep the mystery alive.

Choose to put only one full paw print indoors. Use flour and spill a little in the kitchen to make it look like the Easter Bunny knocked over some flour while delivering his goodies. Draw several half prints leading to the door.

Be as realistic as possible when trying to fool your child. Remember you are trying to keep them young and keep some fantasy in their life.

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