How to Make Cute Easy Stuffed Animals

Making a stuff animal is easy and fun!
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Stuffed animals are not loved only by little children. Wherever you go, you can often see clusters of these fluffy companions displayed in the back windows of cars. Young women in high school and college typically have stuffed companions in their rooms. Whether a person is 1-year-old or 100-years-old, they seem to retain a feeling of affection for these whimsical toys. Making your own stuffed animals doesn't have to be an unreachable dream. There are various styles of stuffed toys out there, from simple folk styles to the more lifelike styles made by Steiff brands. Creating one of these animals can be simple, inexpensive and fairly quick to complete with a satisfying end result - a brand new stuffed animal.

Take two pieces of 9 inch-by-12 inch fabric and place them together evenly and flat onto the work table.

Draw a real-size outline of the animal you'd like to create on paper. Cut the pattern out of the paper. Trace the shape of the pattern onto the fabric with a Sharpie brand pen that has dark and thick enough ink for you to see on the fabric.

Hold the pieces of the fabric together securely by using safety pins at the legs and arms of the pattern drawn. Cut out the pattern, making certain you have two identical animals when you're finished. Be sure to cut on the outside of the ink so it is still visible after you're done.

Take a sewing needle and thread it with a string of thread approximately 12-inches long. Pull it through until the tread hangs down 6-inches on either side of the needle.

Stick the needle into the two pieces of fabric. The needle should be placed right under the marker line that was drawn when you traced the pattern. Pull the needle out, up, over the edges of the fabric, and back under the marked line once again. Continue doing this until most of the figure is closed except for a hole that is about an 1-inch long. This opening will serve as the place into which you will stuff the cotton.

Take your cotton balls out of the box and pull them apart with your fingers until they are shredded. Take your wooden stick and use it to stuff the cotton into all parts of the figure. Continue until the animal is firm and plump. When you are finished, sew the pattern closed.

Draw the face of the animal onto the figure.


You can either create your own pattern or you can use a ready-made pattern from a free online resource.

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