How to Make Cups Out of Beer Bottles

Lindsey Crafter

Create environmentally friendly glassware from your favorite brew! Making recycled cups from beer bottles is economical as well as sustainable -- you just need a bottle cutter and a few things you have around the house (stand by with the cocktails).

Things You'll Need

  • Empty glass bottles 
  • Glass bottle cutter 
  • Heavy grit sand paper 
  • Large bowl of ice water
  • Boiling water on a stove top

When selecting bottles for this project avoid glass with embossed lettering or designs around the area you'll be cutting the bottle. Rinse out bottles and remove any paper labels before beginning this project.

Lindsey Crafter

Score Bottles

After measuring cut lines on your bottle, adjust your bottle cutter so that the etching blade lines up with your measured mark.

Lindsey Crafter

Etch around the entire circumference of the bottle several times to create a deep groove in the glass surface.

Lindsey Crafter


  • Be sure the score line meets up perfectly and aim to only create one score line to achieve the cleanest cut. Uneven score lines may cause fissures and splits in your glass, so practice cutting a few recycled bottles before cutting ones you intend to use for your final product.

Separate Neck

Alternately submerge the bottle's score in an ice bath and then in boiling water a few minutes at a time. As a fissure develops along your score line you might hear a quiet crack or popping noise. Continue alternating between the two temperatures until the bottle's neck separates completely.

Lindsey Crafter
Lindsey Crafter


  • If the first cut edge is jagged or uneven simply re-score at least a half-inch below the cup's edge and repeat the steps above to re-cut the bottle.

Lindsey Crafter

Sand Edges

Spend several minutes sanding any rough or sharp edges on your freshly cut glass to be sure your cups are safe for drinking.

Lindsey Crafter
Lindsey Crafter

Wash and Serve

Give your glasses a thorough wash to remove any dust from sanding. Fill your new cups with a fresh cocktail or root beer float!

Lindsey Crafter

Create large glasses for smoothies and shakes with 22 Ounce bottles, or use a 12 Ounce size for small juice glasses. If you want to dress up label-less cups try adding monograms or designs with glass etching creme.

Need help finding a good bottle cutter? Find the perfect brew with a groovy label? Leave questions and resources in the comments section below.