How to Make Colored Glue

By Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

How to Make Colored Glue. Making colored glue can be a fun craft to do with children. Have them follow these steps to make colored glue and draw pictures with it on different colored pieces of construction paper.

Start with squeeze bottles of white school glue. If doing the craft with children, each child should make his own bottle. Colored glue can be stored and used later, just like white glue.

Unscrew and remove the top from the glue bottle. Set the top down on a piece of paper so you don't get glue drips on your table top.

Put three to five drops of food coloring into the bottle of glue. Screw the top of the glue bottle back on, and then shake the glue well to mix the color through.

Take the top back off of the glue bottle to check the color. If it is not mixed well enough, put the top back on and shake it again. If the color is too light, add a couple more drops of food coloring and then mix well again.


Instead of using food coloring, get a wider range of glue colors by using a few drops of acrylic paint. Mix it into the glue the same way. Another fun project with glue is making glitter glue. After coloring your glue, put 1/2 tsp. glitter into the glue. Shake well to mix. If you are using glitter glue you need a toothpick handy for poking the hole in the top of the glue bottle to keep it clear of glitter.