How to Make Clothespin Reindeer Christmas Ornaments

Things You'll Need

  • Wood clothespins
  • Ribbon cut in 3 to 4 inch lengths
  • Wood glue
  • C-clamp
  • Fine point permanent marker
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Miniature pom poms
  • Assorted decorative accessories

How to Make Clothespin Reindeer Christmas Ornaments. Homemade ornaments give Christmas a homespun quality that cannot be purchased. Clothespin reindeer ornaments can be hung on the tree or used to decorate gifts. Miniature hair, multi-colored pom poms, and goggle eyes can be used to create reindeer that even amuse Santa. Homemade Christmas reindeer ornaments are a perfect way to bring a little bit of yesterday to your holiday season.

Gather three clothes pins, wood glue, ribbon and c-clamp to create your reindeer. Place two wood clothes pins together so the prongs create four reindeer legs. Turn the third clothespin upside down so the prongs point upward. Place all three clothespins together.

Look at your Christmas ornament. The clothespins should resemble a reindeer with four legs, two antlers and an area for the reindeer's face. The thick portion of all three clothespins should be aligned with four prongs facing downward and two prongs reaching for the sky.

Place your ribbon behind the face of the reindeer. The ribbon should resemble a harness.

Glue all three clothespins and your length of ribbon together with wood glue. Wipe off any excess glue with a damp cloth.

Clamp the clothespins and ribbon together using your C-clamp. Keep the Christmas ornament clamped until the glue has dried, at least 45 minutes.

Release the c-clamp and hold the reindeer by its harness (ornament hanger). If the reindeer holds together, it is time to give your reindeer some personality.

Draw, with your permanent marker, a mouth and hooves on the ornament. Glue eyes, nose, hair and any other decorative touches.


  • C-Clamps can be found at craft stores specializing in wood crafts or at home improvement stores.