How to Make Church Fans

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Church fans are used to keep cool during church services. They originated in the church prior to the installation of electric fans and air conditioning. Church fans have two sides that are made with heavy-duty poster board paper and an 8-inch basswood handle. One side of the fan holds religious images or biblical information. The other side may have information about the church or advertisements from local businesses that provided the fans.

Calculate the number of fans needed for the church. Having this information saves time and money when buying supplies and constructing the fans.

Purchase blank double-sided hand fans from a promotional products printing company. The 8-inch basswood handle already will be attached.

Decide what religious design to print on one side of the fan. The images can be of the church or of any biblical image. Images can be located at web-design Internet sites or sites that sell stock photos.

Buy self-stick labels and paper with dimensions similar to the size of the blank fan. The images and information, which the church approves, will be printed on these labels.

Print the image on a self-stick label the same size as the fan. The image should be attached to one side of each fan. Using a laser printer is easier and helps ensure the images are clear.

Determine what information or advertisement will be displayed on the reverse side of the fan. The church’s name and address or church sponsor can be placed here. Placing the church’s information on the reverse side is helpful to visitors of the church who may want to return or make a donation.

Print the information on the labels and place on the reverse side of the fan. Make sure the information is accurate and spelled correctly.


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