How to Make Christmas Snow

What's Christmas without snow? So many people live in climates that never see snow, and then there's the snowy regions that sometimes are snowless for the holidays. Don't be a Grinch; make your own snow and bring back the joy of the season. This is a great craft for using on the Christmas tree or painting anywhere you like.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 Cup Soap Flakes
  • Small Paintbrush
  • White, Clear, Silver Or Blue Sparkles (Or A Mixture Of These)
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp. Water
  • 1/3 Cup Liquid Starch
  • Blue Food Coloring

Mix the soap flakes and the liquid starch in a large bowl. Add water a little at a time while stirring.

Mix with a hand beater on high. Scrape the sides of the bowl often. Add the food coloring one drop at a time. You don't want it to be blue, but it should have a very light-blue tinge. You want it to look icy.

Add your glitter as you mix, too. Be careful not to add too much and change the texture. The snow will be done when it looks like marshmallow cream.

Use a small craft paintbrush and dab the snow on the Christmas tree or the greens you're using. You can dab it on anything, but remember that it is a thick soap concoction and may need a little scrubbing to remove from windows or other items that won't be thrown away after Christmas.

Let the kids help with the project; just be sure to put them to work with a drop cloth, and provide supervision.


  • You can add different colors to the snow--for example, if you have an all-red Christmas tree and want it tinged red or silver.