How to Make Bookmarks With Free Downloads

Things You'll Need

  • Card stock or heavy paper
  • Scissors
  • Word processing software or Adobe Acrobat
  • Hole punch (optional)
  • Yarn or ribbon (optional)
  • Clear adhesive paper (optional)

Create your own personalized bookmarks using free downloads found on the Internet. Free templates are available to allow you to create your own bookmarks on your home computer, or use Internet services that offer the ability to customize your bookmark online and print from your home printer. Use your custom bookmarks for personal use or give them as gifts to your friends and family.

Download a bookmark template to design using a word processing program or open a pre-made bookmark in Adobe Acrobat Reader or your web browser to print directly to your home printer.

Load your home printer with card stock or heavy weight paper.

Print your bookmark from the program you are using.

Cut the bookmark from the paper using scissors.

Use clear adhesive paper cut to fit the measurements of the finished bookmark and attach to both the front and back side for added durability.

Use a hole punch to add a hole at the top of the bookmark and add yarn or ribbon through the hole as an embellishment.


  • Design your own bookmarks using a word processing program by creating tables in the dimension of your bookmark and adding free downloaded images and text to personalize your bookmark.

    Arrange multiple table cells in the size of your bookmark in your word processing programs to print several bookmarks onto a single sheet of card stock or heavy weight paper.

    Personalize the back of the bookmark by either hand writing or printing your name and date on the bookmark.