How to Make Beautiful File Folders

scissors cutting file folder full of papers image by Scott Williams from <a href=''></a>

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • 1 sheet chipboard/cardboard
  • Scissors/box cutter
  • Colored cardstock, optional
  • Patterned paper, optional

Using decorative file folders is an excellent way to enliven your home office and make your filing a bit less stressful. File folders are simple to make with very few supplies, and only take a few minutes to design. You can create a variety of beautiful folders in different themes, colors or sizes.

Use a pencil to draw a large rectangle on a sheet of chipboard, or cardboard, to create a template for the file folder. Feel free to design your folder any size you like. However, a standard folder measures approximately 18 inches by 12 inches when unfolded.

Draw a tab across the top of the short side of the folder template. Position the tab in the center or at the left or right side of the template.

Cut the template out of the chipboard or cardboard using sharp scissors or a box cutter. Lay a sheet of colored cardstock or patterned paper on hard surface with the design facing down.

Place the template over the center of the paper and trace the folder shape onto the cardstock or patterned paper with a pencil. Be sure to trace around the tab as well.

Cut the folder design out of the colored or patterned paper. Lay the sheet flat with the tab at the top of the paper. Fold the bottom half of the folder up to meet the edge of the top, below the tab to complete your file folder.


  • Further decorate your file folders with stickers.