How to Make Baby Shoes or Booties From Polarfleece

Keep your baby's feet cozy with Polarfleece baby booties.
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It's always challenging to come up with a baby shower gift that is both personal and practical. Homemade baby shoes or booties are simple enough to make in an afternoon yet attractive enough to give as a gift or keep for your own little one. Making the shoes out of Polarfleece eliminates the need for lining the shoes because fleece is soft and cozy on little feet. Polarfleece is also convenient because, unlike other fabrics, it doesn't unravel so there is no need to hem or finish the edges.

Keep your baby's feet cozy with Polarfleece baby booties.
cute babies serious image by Photoeyes from

Things You'll Need

  • Sewing Machine
  • Measuring Tape
  • Baby Shoe Pattern
  • Needle
  • 1 Yard Polarfleece
  • Pins
  • Ribbon, Buttons, Beads (Optional)
  • Thread

Download a free baby shoe pattern from sites such as, or Typically, baby shoe patterns include two pieces: a sole and an upper. The sole should be about the same size and shape as your baby's foot and the upper is a horseshoe shape with the same length and width as the sole.

Cut the patterns from paper so you have two uppers and two soles. Pin the sole and upper patterns to the fleece. Cut out.

Cut a small triangle of fleece, with a base measuring about ½-inch. This triangle will be on the inside of the shoe so it does not need to be exact. The triangle will help to stabilize the shoe in a high-pressure area.

Flip the fleece to decide which side of the fleece will be the right side. Fleece usually looks the same on both sides but you may notice a sheen on the right side.

Turn your upper pieces so the wrong side is up. Place the triangle at the tip of the shoe's opening and pin so that the base of the triangle is perpendicular to the top line, or center, of the shoe.

Stitch the triangle into place, by hand, using a top stitch. This stitching will be visible from the top of the shoe so take your time to make it neat.

Decorate the uppers of the shoes, if desired. Hand stitch buttons, bows or beads into place along the upper and side portions of the shoe. It is easier to add decorations at this stage, when the fabric is flat, rather than when it is sewn into the shoe shape.

Align the uppers with the soles, right sides together. You will need to pinch and ease the rounded toe into place. Once aligned, pin the two shoe pieces together. Repeat for the other shoe.

Stitch the two pieces on your sewing machine together using a short, straight stitch. Sew slowly and carefully to keep the shape of the shoe rounded and smooth. Repeat for the other shoe.

Flip the shoes right sides out. Run your finger along the interior seams to smooth the exterior surface.