How to Make Angels From Pipe Cleaners

Angels are an ideal decoration around the Christmas holiday and they can provide a sweet gift to a friend at any other time of the year. If you want to make angels you can give to the people you love, all you need are a few pipe cleaners and some imagination.

Make the dress. Take a pipe cleaner in your favorite color and bend it into a cone-shaped spiral. In other words, it should be narrow at the top and wider at the bottom, spiraling and twisting all the way down.

Make the arms. Bend a pipe cleaner in half, wrapping the bent section around the back of the dress at the neck. Twist to hold in place. Bring the arms out to the sides and make a small loop at the other end to make hands.

Add the head. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and attach one end of it to the neck region where you attached the arms. Loop the rest of the pipe cleaner and attach the other end in the same place; now you have a circular head on top of the body.

Make the hair. Wrap and twist a pipe cleaner around the top portion of the head, allowing it to hang down in a straight line on the sides of the head. You can also curl the ends of the "hair" upwards.

Add the halo and wings. For the halo, make the same round shape you used for the head, but attach it at the top of the head and bend it forward. For the wings, attach pipe cleaners to the shoulder area and bend into oval wing shapes, attaching the opposite end at the shoulders again.


  • You can tie a piece of yarn to the back of your angel's shoulders to make a holiday ornament.


  • Store your angels in a safe spot to avoid smashing. Use different colored pipe cleaners to further distinguish between the halo, wings, dress, hair and head.