How to Make an Ottoman Slipcover

How to Make an Ottoman Slipcover. If you're sick of looking at your living room furniture, you have other options besides buying a whole new sofa set. Why not cover your furniture with slipcovers? It's easy to sew slipcovers. Here's how you can make one for a square or rectangular ottoman.

Prepare to Buy Fabric and Trim

Decide how sturdy you want your fabric to be. When you cover furniture, you need to keep in mind how often you use that piece of furniture. Buy upholstery fabric for well-used furniture. Decorative furniture can have lighter, cheaper fabrics.

Pick a color that is best for you. If you're buying fabric online, it's best to order samples first so you can see their color and feel their durability.

Figure out how much fabric you'll need. Measure the ottoman, and write down these measurements: length, width and height. For fabric, you will need a piece with this length: height + height + length + at least 2 inches (for hems). It will need to have a width equal to width+ height + height + at least 2 inches (for hems).

Sew Your Ottoman's Cover

Buy your fabric and thread. Make sure they match your room and each other.

Iron your fabric so that your finished ottoman will not have wrinkles.

Drape the fabric, right side down, over the ottoman. Make sure the fabric is touching the floor on all sides.

Use straight pins to join two sides of your fabric at each corner. Adjust your pins so that the fabric is pulled tight across the ottoman's sides.

Cut the extra fabric along the pins, but leave about one inch for your seam.

Sew the cover along each of your pin lines by taking it off the ottoman and using a sewing machine.

Make your bottom hems. Place the cover back on the ottoman, and pin the hems along the floor. Sew the hems along the pin line.

Turn your fabric inside out so that the right side is now showing. Put it back on your ottoman, and you've got a brand new cover.


You can also add trim, such as cording, to your ottoman. Buy a piece that is longer than the perimeter of the top face. In other words, it would be equal to length + length + width + width + 2 feet (for tying). The right side of your fabric is the side with the decoration on it. It is the side that people should see when your cover is finished. To add trim, wrap your cording around the ottoman and tie a tight, simple knot or bow about 5 inches from the top of your ottoman.

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