How to Make an Origami Wolf Step-by-Step

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Origami is the ancient Japanese art of folding paper into the shapes of animals and fictional creatures. Depending on the paper chosen for the project, the colorful pattern can add to the artist's creative expression. The size of the piece of paper will determine the size of resulting figure. There are many different patterns for animals such as the wolf. The resulting figure varies in complexity and appearance. This set of instructions is for the wolf shown by the National Park Service to educate visitors about the plight of wolves and the importance of helping them survive.

Lay the piece of paper on the table with one of the corners pointing toward you, so the resulting shape is a diamond.

Fold the point at the bottom up and away from you until it meets the point at the top. Crease the paper. The resulting shape is a triangle resting on its longest side.

Fold the point of the triangle on the right over the paper until it meets the point on the left. Once more you have a triangle but it is sitting up like the sail of a sailboat.

Take the front of the triangular sail and fold it upward until it meets the point at the top. Turn the paper over and repeat the fold on the other piece. The result will be a triangle resting on its point.

Rotate the triangle clockwise 45 degrees until the side of the triangle faces you. Fold both the pointed end and the long back end of the paper toward the center of the side facing you.

Separate the flaps on the right side and fold down the center point. The resulting figure will be a wolf resting on its rear haunches, sitting up and looking at you with its ears standing up. Raise your wolf and let it rest on the table.