How to Make an Origami Tank With a Dollar

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Dollar origami, or money origami, is the art of creating unique objects from a series of folds using bills instead of paper. Folding money into origami objects is a unique way to give a gift for a graduation or a wedding present. Dollar bills from the United States are common options because they not only fold into many objects but are also a relatively inexpensive option compared.

Fold the bill in half lengthwise.

Fold each side in half a second time by folding upward toward the folded portion. Crease each fold.

Open the initial fold and flip the dollar bill so that the quarter folds are facing up and aligned. Ensure the folds are creased well and flip the bill over.

Fold the bottom left corner upward at an angle until the side edge aligns with the top of the bill.

Flip the bill over and fold it over using the edge of the previous fold as a guide. Line the fold up with the bottom edge of the bill.

Flip the bill over and repeat the diagonal fold again, this time originating from the top portion. Crease the fold and ensure the corner is crisp and sharp.

Open up the diagonal folds and repeat the three diagonal folds, except with the angle of the creases in the opposite direction.

Repeat Step 5 on the opposite side of the bill. Pinch the triangles inward and then flatten it out to create a water bomb fold.

On one other end of the bill, create a water bomb fold using the triangles from the third of the folds. Fold the remainder out to the side and out of the way.

Fold the top part of the bill in half length wise a second time. The, fold it in half again upward in the opposite direction.

Repeat Step 10 on the opposite side of the bill.

Ensure the top flaps of the water bomb fold are flat. Crease the folds and flatten as much as possible.

Fold the side of the triangle on the end of the bill into a square.

Roll one side on the opposite end of the bill tightly inward toward the center. Repeat on the other side

Slide one of the corners into the tiny pocket formed by the rolled end. This action forms the barrel of the tank.

Flip the bill over and fold the barrel part toward you with it angled about one fourth of the way down the body of the tank.

Fold the opposite end over and crease the fold.

Open the small arm-like objects on the side without the turret and then place the turret's square into the opposite square.

Fold the arms under the turret.

Flip the bill over and squeeze the sides of the tank and it will pop out to open the tank body upward.