How to Make an Origami Sword Picture

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. Square or rectangular sheets of paper are folded --- never cut or glued --- to create three-dimensional figures of animals, plants, people and objects. Origami creations can range from simple to ornate. In this article you'll learn how to make an origami sword.

A rectangular piece of origami paper

Place the paper colored-side down. Fold the paper in half lengthwise. Fold it in half again, and then in half one more time. Unfold the paper. You should have eight horizontal sections. Crease the paper across the vertical center and unfold. The creases will serve as guidelines as you fold the paper.

Fold the top quarter of the paper down, so that you see the colored side on top of the white side.

Turn the paper over so that the colored side is up. Fold the two left-most horizontal sections to the right, toward the center of the paper. Fold the three rightmost sections to the left so that the white underside shows.

Put these two new sections -- resulting from the left-most and right-most folds detailed in Step 3 -- under the fold at the top by tucking them into the crease created by the fold at the top. The fold at the top will cover these two new sections. Crease the sections again, including the top fold. Crease the center again. If you put the paper on its side, it will have roughtly an S shape.

Fold just the top quarter in half and crease. Fold the bottom quarter in half and crease. Straighten out the creases so that the paper is flat and the two horizontal sections are still tucked underneath the top fold.

Fold the top section on the right and left at 45 degrees from the point where the bottom edge of the top quarter meets the rest of the paper. This will be the hilt of the sword.

Fold the top quarter at a 90-degree angle to the rest of the paper and push it down---the creases you just made will allow it to collapse underneath itself. Make small pinches to the creases as you push down to allow the paper to flatten into the hilt.

Fold the remaining section of paper at 45-degree angles from the outside edges of the hilt and crease and unfold. Fold the two outermost horizontal sections on each side of the paper inward along the new creases. This creates the sword blade.

Fold the outside ends of the blade in to create a point. Fold the blade in half and tuck one of the outside ends into the other.


  • Make your folds sharp by running your fingernail along the edge of the fold. When you are pushing and folding at the same time, work slowly, making little pinches to the paper to coax it along.