How to Make an Origami Pencil Case

By Wendy Lau
Use an origami pencil case to keep your pencils, pens and crayons organized.

Pencils are typically used in school so that any errors made may be erased. Since the yellow no. 2 pencil does not have a cap, keep the tip from breaking and marking other items when it is not in use by placing it in a pencil case. Create an origami pencil case to hold pencils, pens and crayons. You may also decorate the outside of the origami pencil case with drawings if you do not have colored or patterns paper to fold it.

Place the top side of your paper face down with the short ends of the paper at the top and bottom.

Bring the top edge down to the bottom edge to fold the paper in half. Unfold the paper.

Fold the top and bottom edges to the center crease line. Unfold the top edge.

Bring the top edge down to the nearest horizontal crease line and fold the resulting edge down at the crease.

Turn the paper to the other side and fold the left edge to the right one-third of the way followed by the right edge to the left. Unfold the right edge.

Tuck the right edge into the top and bottom flaps on the left edge the entire way.

Turn the paper to the other side and the origami pencil case is ready for pencils, pens and crayons to be inserted into the top and bottom panel covers.


If you have longer writing tools that need to be held in an origami pencil case use larger paper.


Paper measuring 8 1/2 by 11 inches will produce an origami pencil case that can hold pens, pencils and other writing tools 5 1/2 inches or shorter in length.

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