How to Make an Origami Dancer

An origami dancer is made with advanced folds, so it is a project that is appropriate for an advanced paper folder. The finished product is a frog base, which is then altered into a human base manipulated into a dancing shape. Once you learn the basics of this origami project, you can manipulate the human base to mimic many different types of dances using mountain and valley folds.

Fold down each of the triangular flaps of the frog base.

Perform a mountain fold on each side of the frog base. Make sure to also perform a mountain fold on the hidden triangles on each side.

Make a reverse-fold on the two front triangles on each side. These will be the arms.

Create another mountain fold on each arm to make them narrower and turn your dancer over.

Perform an accordion fold on the head to shape it into a more oval silhouette.

Create rabbit-ear folds on the two triangles on the bottom. These are the legs.

Make foot folds on the bottom of the legs. Your human is complete. Now, you need to make your human dance.

Bend one of the legs forward.

Tilt one of the arms upward and the other arm slightly behind the dancer.

Bend the other leg out behind the dancer so that it looks like she is doing a leap.


  • The arms and legs can be bent in different configurations, depending on the dance move.