How to Make an Incredible Hulk Costume

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images News

The Incredible Hulk costume is easy to make and requires no sewing or hard-to-find materials. A trip to the local costume shop or Halloween aisle at the local superstore should turn up most of what you need to make this incredible comic-book character costume.

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images News

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric Scissors
  • Wig
  • Jeans
  • Green Paint

Gather materials. Finding materials to make the Incredible Hulk costume is easy and doesn't cost much money. Find a pair of blue jeans that still fit in the waist but maybe not in length. You'll need quite a bit of green body or face paint to cover all the exposed areas of skin. Make sure it can be washed off with soap and water. And you'll need some temporary green hair color that also washes out easily.

Make the pants. Use fabric scissors to cut off the lower portion of the pant legs just below the knee. Give the pants a ragged look by zigzagging the cut to make the material look as if it has been ripped apart. You might even want to add some dirty-looking stains to the pants for a more grungy effect.

Paint the body. You may need some help from a friend to complete this step. Use the green body paint to cover any exposed skin (including face, arms, legs, chest and back) to ensure a true resemblance to the Incredible Hulk. If you'd rather cut down on mess and time, you can use green clothing to get the green effect.

Dye the hair. The true Incredible Hulk has short, untidy green hair. Cover the face and clothing with an old towel and spray the green hair dye onto the hair. Make sure it dries completely before styling the hair to look shabby and uneven. You can do this with comb and gel or hairspray. Other options for the hair include using a wig that you can dye.

Make eyebrows. This optional part of the costume adds an authentic effect to the overall look. Use an old wig or fake hair and cut two pieces to resemble bushy eyebrows. Dye the eyebrows green and use face-makeup glue to apply the eyebrows to the face.

Make the sounds. Work on the vocal presentation when donning the Incredible Hulk costume. The poor guy can't express himself very well and uses simple sentences and a gruff voice. Practice this for further Incredible Hulk authenticity.