How to Make an Envelope From Card Stock

envelope image by The Blowfish Inc from

Things You'll Need

  • Square card stock
  • Double-sided tape
  • Bone folder
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

It is a frustrating experience when you find the perfect card or stationary, but realize that you do not like the appearance of the envelope that is included. You want to present a certain image to the person who receives these items, and perhaps the color of the envelope or the decoration on the front does not convey with that. You can solve the problem by making your own envelopes out of heavy paper or card stock.

Place your piece of card stock so that the back is facing you. Rotate it so that it looks like a diamond shape, with the corners at the top, bottom and each side.

Fold each corner to the center of the paper and lightly press down to make it stay. Use the pencil to make a mark where the corners meet.

Unfold the top and bottom corners. Use the bone folder to secure the side corner folds. Slide the edge of the tool along each crease, pressing down firmly.

Refold the bottom corner a bit higher so that the point is approximately 1/2 inch above the pencil mark. Use the bone folder to make the bottom crease sharp.

Pull the bottom flap back a bit and affix a piece of double-sided tape along the slanted edge of each side flap. Press the bottom flap back into place and rub your hand over it to stick it down securely.

Use double-sided tape to secure the top flap for mailing once your envelope is stuffed.