How to Make an Angel Out of Construction Paper

You can make spirited decorations with your paper angels.
glass angels. image by bluefern from

Angels are most commonly found around Christmastime, but you don't have to wait for the holidays to have them grace your home. Angels can be made out of basic craft supplies in a variety of designs and displayed year-round. Construction paper angels are very easy to create and can even be used as a craft project for children. Your completed paper angel can be used as a decoration or given as a gift.

You can make spirited decorations with your paper angels.
glass angels. image by bluefern from

Things You'll Need

  • Hole Punch
  • Penny
  • Cotton Ball
  • Ruler
  • Gold Or Silver Spray Glitter
  • Glue

Place a piece of white construction paper on a flat surface. Draw a circle with an 8-inch diameter using a ruler and a pencil. Cut out the circle with a pair of scissors.

Lay the circle back on the flat surface and place a penny on its center. Trace around the penny with your pencil. Draw a straight line from the edge of the traced circle to the edge of the paper. Cut along the line and remove the center circle with scissors.

Cut scallops around the outer edge of the circle. Punch holes 1/2 inch above the scalloped edge around the perimeter of the circle with a hole punch. This will create a decorative look for the angel's skirt.

Place glue along one side of the slit in the circle. Bring the other side over the glued portion to form a cone shape. Press along the glued edge with your fingers to secure it. Place the cone scalloped edge down on a flat surface.

Cut out another circle 8 inches in diameter from the construction paper. Cut this circle in half. Punch holes along the curved edges of each half circle.

Fold the half circle into 1/2-inch pleats starting at the straight edge and working your way toward the curved edge. Grasp the pleated paper in the middle and fold it in half so the curved edges meet in the middle and the straight edge forms the two sides. Glue the center edges together. Gently fan the wing open once the glue is dry. Repeat this step on the other half circle.

Glue the wings to the back of the cone, 1 inch down from the top. The wings' pleated side should be facing forward.

Measure and cut a circle 3 inches in diameter from construction paper. Cut the circle in half and use scissors to scallop the curved edge of each.

Place a drop of glue on one end of each half circle. Attach one half circle scalloped edges down on opposing sides of the cone about 2 inches down. These are the angel's arms.

Apply glue around the hole at the top of the cone. Place a cotton ball on the opening and hold it in place until the glue has dried.

Apply the spray glitter to the bottom of the angel's skirt, edges of the wings and arms.