How to Make a Yarn Rug

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Colored yarns
  • Scissors
  • Latch hook
  • Rug latch hook canvas
  • Permanent black or blue fine tip marker
  • Natural canvas fabric (optional for backing)
  • Needle and thread to match the backing (optional)
  • Iron (optional)

Decorate your home with original yarn rugs that you design and make yourself. Latch hook yarn rugs are easy and affordable. Start with a simple design like a stripe, wavy pattern or block. Work your way up to more complicated designs. Hang latch hook rugs on the wall or throw them across tables for dramatic, eye-catching decor.

Getting Started

Develop an original rug design on paper using colored markers.This sketch will be used as a guide for latch hooking the actual rug.

Purchase a latch hook tool, yarn in colors to match your design, and rug canvas at a craft supply store. Hint: Rug kits are also available with everything needed for pre-designed rugs if you do not want to design your own.

Cut yarn in 3" pieces. Sort and store the clippings by color.

Cut a piece of stiff rug canvas 24" x 36." Outline your design with the permanent marker onto the fabric.

Begin latch hooking at the lower left corner of the rug canvas (right corner if you are left handed). Hook the design by rows, not by color areas.

Latch Hooking

Fold a piece of yarn in half. Insert the latch hook through the folded yarn until the yarn is past the swing catch on the latch hook.

Work from the top side of the canvas (the side that has your sketched design).

Hold the yarn on the hook with your non-dominant hand.

Use your dominant hand to insert the hook down through the canvas, under the thread of the weave and back up through the next hole.

Catch the yarn with the hook and close the swing latch over the yarn. (This happens automatically, with practice.) Pull the yarn through the loop as it comes off the latch hook. Hint: This process is very similar to crochet stitching.

Complete the rug row by row. If desired, you can finish the back of the rug with natural canvas.

Finishing the Rug

Cut a piece of natural canvas fabric 26" X 38."

Fold over the fabric edge 1" and press with an iron. Do this all the way around the fabric.

Align the fabric backer with the rug so the folded edge is against the back of the rug.

Stitch the backer to the rug with a whipstitch. Make whipstitches by inserting the threaded needle up through the edge of the rug canvas and backer. Bring the needle back to the underside of the rug canvas about 3/16" from the stitch and pull the needle back up through the backer fabric.


  • Varying the lengths of yarn pieces adds dramatic textural effects in yarn rug hooking.