How to Make a Wall Look Like a Rock

Things You'll Need

  • Butcher paper
  • Latex or tempera paint
  • Paint rollers with pole extensions
  • 2-inch paintbrushes
  • 2-inch masking or duct tape
  • Staple gun

Turning a plain wall into a rock wall is an extensive decorating project. For purposes of theater or party decoration, making a wall look like a rock is quite easy. The only challenge is the size of the project, but enthusiastic scenery builders will enjoy building a large rock out of simple materials.

Examine large, natural rocks for inspiration. Even the most solid, bland-seeming rocks have streaks, cracks and outcroppings. Parts that catch the light will look lighter and possibly shiny. Cracks and fissures are darker. Cracks may also house moss, or even growing plants or vines.

Lay out butcher paper on the floor. Measure each strip of paper at least 3 feet longer than the height of your rock. Make a few large wrinkles or creases in the paper to help create a three-dimensional appearance.

Paint the paper with rollers and brushes. Use various colors, including browns, greens and grays in varying shades. Sprinkle sand on the lightest areas to catch the light, add texture and provide shimmer.

Wad up newspapers to add dimension to your wall while the paint dries. For a large wall (rock), make newspaper wads at least 2 feet in diameter. Use the largest wads at the bottom of the rock to create the impression of a natural outcropping. Tape the wads of newspaper to the wall.

Once the paint dries, turn over the paper and join the strips with masking or duct tape. For a very large rock, tape sheets in pairs and attach the pairs when you hang them.

Staple the painted sheets to the wall at the desired height. Cover the newspaper wads and overlap the sheets. If you are working on a raised stage, check from the seat level to make certain your rock doesn't end abruptly at the top. Reinforce the staples with tape.

Examine the rock for detail. Repaint any areas that you want to make darker or lighter. Glue on moss and plants, if desired. Trim the bottom edge with scissors, staple and tape it to the wall, then add moss or plants to cover the edge.