How to Make a Twister Mat

How to Make a Twister Mat. Twister was invented in 1966 and has since become a household party game that gets you laughing as you work your body into knots. Unfortunately, over the years your twister mat may have become worn and torn, or sometimes your mat simply isn't as big as you would like it to be. Don't worry, you can resolve these problems by making your own twister mat.

Purchase a tarp in the size you would like your final twist mat. If you would like an adjustable mat, simply purchase a large tarp and then fold it down to your desired size before playing. Purchase a tarp in any color you like, as long as it is not green, blue, red or yellow, as these are the colors of your twister squares.

Unfold your tarp and use a yard stick to mark every 12 inches along two sides of the tarp. You can then align the marks to make a checkerboard pattern on the tarp. If you do not want the lines to show on your final twister mat, make the lines with masking tape which is easily removed.

Use colored electrical tape in green, blue, red and yellow to create 9 by 9-inch boxes inside of your squares. Each row should be the same color, and colors should be kept in order. The classic twister mat is only four rows with 6 circles in each row; however, make the mat as large as you like for twister fun with a larger group.

Remove the masking tape if necessary and then your twister mat is ready to use. As said before, you can use the entire mat for large groups, or fold it down to the standard four rows with 6 colored spaces for a classic game of twister.

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