How to Make a Train Using Paper

By Steven Symes
A child can decorate his train with favorite colors.

Making trains out of paper is one simple way for children to learn about trains. As you make the trains with the children, talk about how trains have changed over time, what trains carry, how trains work, or any number of other train-related subjects. A child will have fun making a train that is uniquely his, complete with favorite colors and fun cargo in each car. Let the child use his imagination to decorate the train however he wants.

Draw, or have the children draw, train cars--including an engine and a caboose--and wheels on pieces of paper. Draw two wheels per train car. Cut them out with scissors.

Have the children color each train car and wheel with either crayons or markers. They also can color a face on the front of the train’s engine.

Have the children fasten the wheels onto each train car. Use the hole punch to place a hole in the front and back of each train car, except for the engine which will only have a hole in the back, and the caboose which will only have a hole in the front. Put brass fasteners through the holes in the train cars to attach them to each other.

Cut out magazine pictures of toys or animals. Have the children glue the pictures onto their different train cars. Have them glue several cotton balls onto the engine’s smokestack to make a smoke cloud.


You can fasten the train cars together with additional brass fasteners or hang each car up separately.