How to Make a Toy Car

Things You'll Need

  • Rectangle tissue box
  • Sharp pencil
  • Two unsharpened pencils
  • Five plastic bottle caps
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Permanent markers

How to Make a Toy Car. Toy cars can be made from most anything. Make a toy car out of simple materials to keep kids busy on a rainy day. This craft is made from materials that most people already have in their home. Paint the car to add finishing touches, or keep it plain, depending on how much time you have to kill.

Place the box on your work surface. Remove the plastic from the box opening, being careful not to damage the box.

Use a sharp pencil to poke four holes in the sides of the box for the axle to go through. Poke two holes at the front and back of one long side. Poke two more holes opposite of the first on the other long side of the box.

Slide one unsharpened pencil through one set of holes, and a second through the second set of holes. Wiggle the pencils around a little to make the holes large enough so the pencil can turn freely.

Put a medium sized dot of hot glue on the inside of one of the bottle caps. Put the bottle cap onto the pencil. Firmly hold the cap in place until the glue is dry. Repeat for the other three wheels.

Attach the fifth bottle cap to the front of the opening on the top of the box for the steering wheel.

Paint the car with craft or acrylic paints. Draw racing stripes on the car with different colored permanent markers. Paint the wheels black, and then color a silver hub cap on each wheel with a permanent marker.

Make another car, and have races across any hard floor.

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