How to Make a Towel Swan

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Many hotels and cruise ships add a touch of whimsy to bedrooms by topping beds with a towel swan. Fabric folding is an art that can be used to create a wide assortment of animals and shapes. Swans are the classic towel sculpture used to adorn rooms. While they look elegant and complicated, they can be created in a matter of minutes using a single bathroom towel. Create your own towel swan for guests or for your own bed at home.

Lay the towel flat on the floor in front of you.

Fold both of the top corners into the center of the towel so that you have a point at the top.

Roll the right side in toward the center. Follow the diagonal slant you created with the first fold. Roll until you hit the middle of the towel.

Repeat the roll on the left side so that you have two parallel tube shapes. On one end you'll have a point, and on the other end you'll have the two open, spiraled towel ends.

Fold the pointed end back on itself, then fold forward to create the swan's head. Mold the towel into an "S" shape to form a neck and head. Play with the folds until you're happy with the overall shape.

Position the swan on a bedspread or bathroom counter. Pair it with another swan for a romantic touch.