How to Make a Toga for Women

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Things You'll Need

  • White top sheet or large piece of fabric
  • Belt or rope
  • Safety pins

A toga was originally an outfit that was worn in ancient Rome. During this time, women were not allowed to wear the toga, but in modern times women don this timeless costume for Halloween and, of course, toga parties. A toga is a simple costume that can be made with little preparation; it is a great last minute costume. You probably have all the items needed for this project already in your house.

Pick an appropriate sheet or piece of fabric. If you use a sheet, it should be a top sheet. Depending on your height, you can choose between a full or queen sheet size. Make sure the sheet is clean and free of any stains. If you use a piece of fabric, make sure the size is comparable to the size of a full or queen sheet.

Wrap the sheet around you. It helps if you have another person help you during the toga-making process. You can do it by yourself if no one is around; the only tough part is pinning the sheet in the back. Take the sheet and wrap it around you. Pin the sheet in the back with a couple of safety pins. Leave all the excess sheet on your back right side, or left if you prefer. Whichever side the excess sheet is on will ultimately be the same shoulder that is covered.

Take the leftover sheet after pinning and wrap it around your body, wrapping toward the left side and under your left arm. Then, throw the sheet over your right shoulder. Pin the sheet in the back to secure it.

Look at your toga to check if you need anymore saftey pins. The toga should be pinned well enough to stay on through your event, so you don't have to worry with every step you take.

Add a belt or ribbon. If you want something with a pop of color, pick a brightly colored belt or ribbon to add a little pizazz. You may also use any decorative pin you want to put on your toga.


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