How to Make a Toddler Necktie

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Things You'll Need

  • Adult necktie
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Elastic

A little boy dressed up in his Sunday best can quickly become the subject of a treasured set of family photographs. A crisp white button-down shirt and tiny necktie can somehow transform your toddler into a little man. Toddler neckties are simple and inexpensive to make, too, especially when you reuse an adult tie. Raid your closet or local thrift store for an old adult necktie and craft a necktie for your toddler–no sewing machine required.

Hold an adult necktie up to your child. Place the bottom of the tie at the desired placement on his torso. Cut the tie where it meets his collarbone. Set this aside.

Cut the tie remnant down to 4 inches long. This piece will create your tie’s faux knot. Discard any leftover tie.

Preheat your iron on the “silk” heat setting.

Place the 4-inch piece face-down on your ironing board. Take one end and fold in toward the center at a downward angle. Iron the folded edge.

Repeat Step 4 with the opposite end.

Flip the knot over so it is right-side up. Your knot should look like an upside-down trapezoid. Tuck any hanging tails into the knot so it’s hidden from the front. Iron all edges flat.

Open the bottom, pointed, tie piece--face-down--on the ironing board.

Fold the sides inward, at an angle, until the tie is your desired width. Iron the side edges and cut off any excess fabric that shows from the front.

Place a small stitch on the back of the tie to secure both folded pieces together.

Hold the long tie piece and pinch the top, raw edge to form a dimple. Run your needle and thread through the dimple and tie the thread into a knot on the back. This will secure the dimple.

Place your knot face-down and insert the top of the tie inside the knot, also face-down. Hand-stitch the knot to the tie tail. Be sure to securely connect the pieces without thread showing from the front.

Cut your elastic to fit around your son’s neck. The elastic should be smaller than your child’s collar, but not snug. Stitch the elastic to form a loop.

Stitch the elastic to the back of the tie’s knot.


  • Keep sharp scissors away from children and pets.

    Check the elastic on your toddler's tie often. Discard when it becomes snug.



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