How to Make a Texas Quilt

By Ruth O'Neil

Things Needed

  • 8 different fabrics (ranging is size from ¼ to 1 ½ yards)
  • Iron
  • Roller cutter with mat
  • Straightedge
  • Background fabric

Texas is the Lone Star State. Because of this name, different quilt patterns have been developed to depict Texas' status as the Lone Star state. While there may be variations in the name and in the pattern a little bit, you can make a Lone Star quilt that will cover your entire bed. The Lone Star quilt uses different prints of fabric cut into diamond shapes to create one large star worthy of the state of Texas.

Wash and dry your fabrics to prevent shrinkage later. Iron each fabric, folded in half along the length.

Cut out strips of fabric. This will enable you to make this quilt more easily than cutting out each individual diamond for the star.

Use the roller cutter, mat and straightedge to cut all of your fabrics into strips. These strips should measure 2 ½ inches.

Cut two strips of fabric A, four of fabric B, six of fabric C, eight of D, 10 of E, 12 of F, 14 or G and 16 of H. Keep like strips together in marked plastic zipper bags so you do not get confused.

Take one of each of the strips and sew them together along the side. Offset each strip by 2 inches to give a parallelogram shape at the end.

Trim the edges of the parallelogram by cutting the strip, set at a 45-degree angle. Cut out 2 ¼ inch-wide strips from your strip set, giving you strip sets that now have diamonds already sewn together of one of each print of fabric.

Take two of the strips and remove color A from strip number 2. Sew that diamond to the end of the strip. Sew the two strips together.

Grab a third strip. Remove colors A and B from the beginning and sew them onto the end. Sew the third strip to the second strip.

Continue working in the same manner until til have eight strips sewn together making another parallelogram.

Repeat Steps 4 through 8 until you have eight diamond pieced parallelograms that are exactly the same.

Use your background fabric to cut out four 23-inch squares and one 32-inch square. Cut the 32-inch square on the diagonal twice, giving you four triangles.

Sew the squares to the star at the corners and the triangles in the middle of the points to give you a perfect square for the top of the quilt.


Ironing the seams open between each stitching will help the appearance of your finished quilt not to look lumpy or bulky.

Finish your quilt by layering backing fabric and batting to the quilt top. Tie or quilt as desired.