How to Make a Suitcase Jewelry Display Images

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Upholstery foam
  • Felt
  • Upholstery pins
  • Utility knife
  • U-shaped pins
  • Fabric ribbon -- 1 inch wide
  • Staples

The right jewelry display draws interest to your wares while presenting them in the best light. An old suitcase not only displays the jewelry in an organized fashion, it also gives you sturdy container for transporting the pieces to fairs and shows. Look for well-made suitcases that are securely hinged. Avoid suitcases that have a musty smell that indicates mildew, as the bad odor can turn potential clients away.

Measure the length and width of the bottom interior section of the suitcase.

Cut a piece of thick upholstery foam to the measurements of the suitcase. Use upholstery foam with a thickness that equals the depth of the suitcase bottom.

Cut a piece of felt that is twice as wide as the foam. Center the foam on top the fabric. Wrap the edges of the fabric around, like you are wrapping a present, and pin them in place with upholstery pins.

Set the foam inside the suitcase with the fabric edges on the bottom. Cut slits through the felt and 1/2 inch into the foam for displaying rings. Make the slits 2 inches deep for bangle bracelets. Pin pendants and other types of jewelry to the foam with u-shaped pins. Felt doesn't fray when cut.

Measure the width of the top of the suitcase from the outside edges. Cut a piece of fabric ribbon to match this length.

Staple one end of the fabric ribbon to the suitcase edge, 3 inches down from the top. Stretch the ribbon tautly to the other edge, and staple it in place. Cut and staple additional ribbons, spacing each one 3 inches down from the one above.

Hang jewelry from the ribbons by either draping the pieces over the ribbon or first attaching the jewelry to a paper hang tag.


  • Vintage suitcases with hard sides provide a solid base for the display while providing an interesting look. Find vintage cases at secondhand shops and estate sales.