How to Make a Stuffed Animal Pattern

Things You'll Need

  • 14 x 17-inch drawing pad
  • 21-ounce can
  • 24-ounce jar
  • Cap from 32-ounce sports-drink bottle
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

Making stuffed animal patterns is much like making patterns for clothing. Each part of the stuffed animal is drawn on paper, cut out, attached to fabric, sewn together, stuffed and then sewn together as a whole. An easier way to make a stuffed animal pattern, however, entails using just two pattern pieces -- the front and back. This method is often used for making teddy bears.

Tear a sheet of paper from the drawing pad and lay it down horizontally on a clean surface.

Place a 21-ounce can on top of the sheet of paper and, using a pencil to trace the bottom of the can, make the head. At the top of the head circle, draw two half-circles for the ears by placing a cap from a 32-ounce sports drink halfway on and halfway off the head circle. Be sure to leave a distance between the ears of 1¼ inches.

Use a ruler to measure ¼ inch starting from the base of the head circle to within the head circle and mark with a pencil. Then place a 24-ounce jar on the mark and use a pencil to trace the bottom of the jar to make the belly circle. Erase the overlapping line.

Draw two horizontal rectangles -- 1¼ inches wide by 2 inches long -- on each side of the belly circle for the arms. Then draw two rectangles, also 1¼ inches wide by 2 inches long, on the base of the belly circle for the legs. Be sure to leave a distance of 1¼ inches between the legs. Round off all four ends of the rectangles.

Trace an outline ½ inch outside the pattern line and all the way around the pattern. This creates a seam allowance.

Write across the belly circle: “Cut 2 of pattern.”

Cut around the seam allowance line with a pair of scissors. The pattern is now complete and ready for creation of a teddy bear.


  • Remember to flip the pattern on the wrong side before pinning it to the fabric to make the second pattern piece, the back of the teddy bear.