How to Make a Spy Base

Things You'll Need

  • Shed
  • Lock
  • Table and chair
  • Air mattress
  • Water and food
  • Supplies, such as binoculars, radio, flashlight and cell phone

How to Make a Spy Base. If you fancy yourself as James Bond, or even just Maxwell Smart, you know every spy needs a base of operations. After all, you've got to have a place to hide those top secret documents while you work out your next mission. You probably don't have access to a high-tech, underground facility, so you'll just need to use what you have. That's what any good spy would do.

Survey your home for ideas. The attic could be a good choice, but that might be too obvious to the bad guys. Besides, it can get really cold or really hot up there, depending on the season. The back yard may be the perfect choice.

Head out to the hardware store, and buy a cheap shed. Get green if at all possible, so your new spy base can blend in with the environment.

Add a strong lock to your shopping cart. Paranoid spies will probably want two.

Set up the shed in your back yard, behind a group of bushes if possible. If you can get it under a big tree, too, you won't be quite so hot in the summer.

Grab an old table and a chair from your house. An air mattress would be a nice addition for those times when you need to disappear for a while. You'll also want a cooler of water bottles, some dried fruit and nuts. For an extra nice touch, add a few pictures and a vase of flowers. Even spies like things to be decorative.

Store your supplies in your new spy base. Essentials will include binoculars, a battery powered radio, a flashlight and a cell phone. Now get to work. The fate of the free world depends on you.

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