How to Make a Simple Fan With Popsicle Sticks

Things You'll Need

  • 2 Popsicle sticks
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Drill and small bit
  • Ribbon

You can make a simple fan with Popsicle sticks as a structure relatively easily. The fan is quick to put together and functions quite well as a hand-held cooling device on a warm summer day. Children will need an adult's help when they get to the step where they need to make a hole in the Popsicle sticks at the bottom of the fan, but they can do the rest of the project themselves.

Cut out a rectangle that has opposite sides that are just shorter than the length of the Popsicle sticks that you are using to make the fan. Decorate the paper as desired, using nothing to decorate it that will add bulk.

Fold the paper into an accordion shape, with each fold slightly smaller than the width of the Popsicle sticks. You will want to have a finished fold with ends that face opposite directions, like a Z with many extra zigzags in the middle if you view it from above. Trim the ends so that this is the case if the folding doesn't result in perfect ends on its own.

Run a line of glue down one of the ends. Stick one Popsicle sticks to the glue. Do the same with the opposite end.

Drill a hole through the popsicle sticks and the paper at the base.

Thread a ribbon through the hole and tie the ends together tightly in a knot.


  • Consider painting your Popsicle sticks before gluing them on to add more color.


  • Be careful not to split the Popsicle sticks when you drill your holes.