How to Make a Simple Bow

Sara Budisantoso

A simple bow is fun, easy and will embellish any gift or craft.

Things You'll Need

Wire ribbon can also be used to create the bow.
Sara Budisantoso

• Ribbon • Scissors

Choose Your Ribbon

Choose ribbon size based on your specific project.
Sara Budisantoso

Choose the ribbon. Any size—thin or thick—works well for this bow.


Cut the Ribbon

Use sharp scissors to cut the ribbon.
Sara Budisantoso

Cut the ribbon to the desired length for the gift or craft.


Cross the Ribbon and the Loop

Cross the ribbon and then loop it.
Sara Budisantoso

Lay the ribbon flat on a hard surface and hold each end. Make an X shape and run one corner of the ribbon through the opening of the loop.


Tie a Knot

Pull the ends of the ribbon to tighten the knot.
Sara Budisantoso

Pull your corners together to make a knot.

Make Two Loops

The loops with look like rabbit ears.
Sara Budisantoso

Make a loop with each side of the ribbon.

Cross the Loops

The loops now look like an X.
Sara Budisantoso

Cross your loops to make an X shape.

Pull the Loop and Form the Bow

Pull loop and form bow
Sara Budisantoso

Run one of the loops through the opening and pull it through gently to form your bow.


Straighten and Cut the Ends of the Bow

The bow is ready for your craft or gift.
Sara Budisantoso

Straighten the bow and cut the ends to desired length.