How to Make a Simple and Easy Candy Bouquet

A candy bouquet is a nice gift for graduates or anyone with a sweet tooth. The candy itself should be something wrapped so you don't have to worry about anything melting or becoming sticky while the bouquet is on display. These bouquets can be highly elaborate, but a simple version just involves wrapping ribbons and a Styrofoam ball.

Cut the Syrofoam ball in half to form the base for the bouquet. Groove out a hole about 1-inch deep and just snug enough to insert the dowel. Put glue on one end of the dowel and insert it in the hole.

Use a glue gun to attach wide ribbon around the edge of the Styrofoam.

Place the bouquet holder into the top of a vase.

Twist the individual candies around on one end of the pipe cleaner. Insert the other end into the Styrofoam. Repeat this with all of the pieces of candy.

Add ribbons or streamers in between the candies at the base and edges of the bouquet.


If the candy does not have a spot to wrap it, bend the end of the pipe cleaner and use the glue to attach it to the pipe cleaners.

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