How to Make a Set of Devil Sticks

How to Make a Set of Devil Sticks. The term devil sticks originates from the Greek word devil which means "to throw across". Throwing across is exactly what a person does with the main stick and the two control sticks that make up a devil stick set. Entertain others with a new set of uniquely made devil sticks.

Measure and cut with a saw the ½ inch diameter wooden dowel to 2 feet in length and the 5/16 diameter wooden dowel into two slightly shorter (20 to 24 inch) pieces respectively.

Unwind a strand of electrical tape just longer than the thinker wooden dowel or the main stick without cutting. Twist the tape so that it rolls into a tube with the sticky side facing out. Cut the tape from the roll.

Wind the tube of tape around the thick dowel. Make another sticky tube of tape to wrap in the opposite direction around the same dowel creating many intersecting points of the two tubes of tape.

Wrap the entire main stick and its intersecting tubes of tape with flat electrical tape leaving no gaps. Weight approximately 2 inches on each end of the main stick with a double layer of wrapped electrical tape.

Repeat the tape wrapping on the two thinner dowels or control sticks. Create friction in the form of tape bumps by varying the angle along each stick at which the tape is wrapped around.


Add more visual appeal by using another color electrical tape to make another diagonal wrap around of the main stick and for its weighted ends.

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