How to Make a Seashell Bracelet

By Contributor ; Updated September 15, 2017

How to Make a Seashell Bracelet. You and your children adore the beach. You especially love the beautiful seashells with their bright colors and unique designs that wash upon the shore. When your vacation to Florida, California, Hawaii or other oceanside locale ends, consider making seashell bracelets to commemorate your family's adventure.

Select and ready the work area. Cover the table or space with old newspapers, a trash bag or another protective material.

Prep the seashells for threading. If they're straight from the beach, create a small hole in each one using the drill and small needle. (Sometimes craft stores and specialty shops sell seashells with the holes already made.) Then spray all of the shells with the clear gloss for extra shine.

Organize a workstation for each bracelet. Once the gloss is dry, match the shells with the appropriate number of beads and ocean charms depending on the person's size and whether the bracelet is for an adult or child.

Cut the right length of yarn, twine or ribbon with several extra inches. Depending on which material you use, either tie a knot on one end of the yarn or ribbon or secure the first part of the jewelry clasp to the twine.

Thread the shells, beads and ocean charms in the order you want them to appear. Once you're done, tie the bracelet ends together and trim the extra ribbon or yarn, or fasten the other piece of the clasp to the opposite end of the twine.


Make sure the clear gloss is non-yellowing. Choose beads and charms with holes that work with the thickness of the threading material.


Don't involve children under three in this activity because they could choke on the small parts. Don't allow children to drill holes in the seashells unsupervised.

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