How to Make a Scabbard

How to Make a Scabbard. A scabbard is a sheath for holding swords. These sheaths can be made from a variety of materials and metals. The following scabbard design is made from leather and can be fitted to any size blade. Scabbards are also used to cover other types of weapons such as guns, axes and bows.

Measure the length of the blade from the bottom of the hilt to the tip of the blade. Measure the width of the blade and the angle of the curve at the end of the blade.

Lay the leather flat. Use the dimensions from Step 1 to draw 2 shapes of the blade. Add 2 inches to each dimension. At the top of one of the blade shapes, draw a rectangle that loops and connects the scabbard to the belt. This loop must equal the width of the top of the blade and be long enough to wrap around the belt so it holds the blade in place.

Cut out your leather shapes with the scissors. Keep the cuts as crisp and clean as possible.

Punch holes into the leather with the hole punch. These holes need to be around the outside edges of the blade shapes, across the end of the loop and the area where the loop connects to the back of the scabbard. Space the holes 1/2- to 1-inch apart. The holes on both pieces of fabric must line up perfectly.

Lace up the scabbard. Start at one edge of the loop. Work your way around the scabbard as you feed the laces through the holes in both pieces. Continue all the way around until you reach the place you began. If your sword is heavy, lace the loop two or three times.

Tie the ends of the laces tightly against the leather to hold the scabbard together. Add glue or wax to the knot so that it doesn't come loose.

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