How to Make a Sailor's Knot

Carrie Mooney

A Sailor's Knot is also known as a Turk's Head knot. It can be made on your hand.

This simple sailor's knot uses a shoelace.
Carrie Mooney

Things You'll Need

  • (Optional) Tube, Such As A Wrapping Paper Tube.
  • This Demo Uses A 45" Shoelace.
  • One Strand Of Cord Or String. When Practicing, A Firm Cord Is Preferable.
Bring in front of pinky.

Place the cord over the left hand, palm up. Hold short end between thumb and fingers. Loop long end behind hand, around three fingers, over short end and around hand.

Leading end should poke up at top.

The cords form an "X" over your pointer finger. Poke end up through top of "X." Pull moderately tight.*

Turn hand over, so your palm is down. Reverse the cords over your fingers, forming an "eye" shaped hole. Poke cord up through the hole. Pull tight. The cords form an "X" over your ring finger. Poke cord up through top of "X." Pull moderately tight.

Leading end goes back and forth through holes.

Poke leading end through "eye" hole. Look for "X" at top, and poke leading end in other direction. Pull moderately tight.* From here, you are making a continuous braid.

This is a finished sailor's knot. For a bracelet, see How to Make a Sailor's Knot Bracelet.

Turn hand over, palm up. Run cord parallel to previous course, adjusting and flattening as you go. Follow what you've already done. Repeat until two to three cords run parallel all the way around.


  • This knot is known in Boy Scouts as a turk's head "woggle." It can be used to hold a scarf. moderately tight- loose enough to poke the cord through again.