How to Make a Robot for First Grade

Maschinenmensch - Roboter image by Marem from

Things You'll Need

  • Paper Plate
  • 3 buttons
  • Felt tip pen
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Foil
  • 2 slinkys
  • Grey construction paper
  • Staple gun

It may not be at the forefront of robotic engineering but this shoe box robot will amaze any 6 to 7 year old. So if your child has been assigned the task of making a robot for a first grade class, then don’t go out looking for circuit boards and wires. Gather a shoe box, a paper plate and two slinkys, and you are half way there. This robot will go down well at school, could become a new toy for your child, and gives you and your little one a fun project to work on together.

Stick the lid of the box to the box itself with sellotape, so that it cannot move.

Wrap tin foil tightly around the box and press it down against the box. Stick sellotape at the back so that the ends of the foil are joined together and the foil will not move from the box.

Place a slinky on one of the box’s smaller sides. You will need to attach two slinkys here to make legs so leave room for the next one.

Staple the first slinky to the box, making sure to press down so the staples are penetrating both the foil and box.

Glue down button onto the front of the paper plate to represent two eyes and a nose.

Draw a mouth on the plate.

Fold a piece of sellotape over on itself so that both are now sticky.

Stick the tape on the center of the back of the paper plate.

Stick the tape to the lid of the box as far away from the legs as possible.

Cut two long strips from the construction paper and fold vertically accordion style.

Tape one end to each side of the box to make arms.

Cut out an 8 inch by 2 inch piece of construction paper and stick down one end of this strip to one of the robot’s sides. The arm should hang freely.

Repeat the previous step, placing this strip on the opposite side.