How to Make a Quick and Easy Princess Costume

By Carole Ellis ; Updated September 15, 2017

Things Needed

  • Two long, filmy pastel scarves
  • Large lapel pin
  • Two pieces of poster board
  • Glitter glue (optional)
  • Long T-shirt or a solid-color dress
  • Wooden spoon
  • Ribbons
  • Craft glue
  • Body glitter (optional)
  • Assorted beads and jewelry (optional)
Some days, your desire to be a princess may need to be satisfied immediately. This costume will help you do so!

A princess costume can be a simple or an elaborate affair. The good news is that these costumes -- regardless of their level of detail -- can be assembled in half an hour or less, if need be. If your little princess (or your inner princess) abruptly decides she needs to be dressed for the part, all you need are some simple craft supplies that you likely already have on hand. In no time, she will be dressed for court. In this article, we will explain how to make a quick and easy princess costume.

Cut four stars and two 4" by 2" rectangles out of the posterboard. You can decorate all of these with glitter glue or leave them the color of the board.

Tie a large bunch of ribbons around the wooden spoon. This spoon is about to become a scepter, so you will no longer be able to cook with it.

This scepter can double as a magic wand if the princess chooses to use it that way.

Glue a star onto either side of the wooden spoon. You may need to press the stars in place for a few minutes to make sure the glue sets and holds.

You can make your hat more elaborate with sequins and faux fur if you wish.

Make a cone out of the other piece of posterboard. If you need to trim the bottom edges to make the bottom of the cone smooth, do so. This will be the princess hat, so be sure that the bottom of the cone fits snugly over the princess' head.

Glue the edges of the cone together so that the hat holds its shape. Press the glued edges together until the glue sets and holds.

Pull one of the scarves through the top of the cone. You can glue the scarf into place if you wish, but it will probably hold on its own.

Glue the remaining stars to the ends of the posterboard rectangles. Press the pieces of posterboard together until the glue has dried.

Have the princess put on the dress or long T-shirt. If she is wearing a T-shirt, then it needs to be long enough to work as a dress, or she will need to wear leggings underneath.

Secure the second colored scarf around the waist. Use the large lapel pin to add shine to the scarf and keep it from falling off.

Place the princess' hat on her head. The scarf should trail romantically behind her as she walks.

Paint the princess' face with the body glitter. Princesses create sparkle and life wherever they go, so make sure yours looks the part with a magically sparkly face.

Fold the starry rectangles over the top of your princess' shoes. The stars will turn her shoes into princess slippers. If she prefers to wear tennis shoes so that she can leap into action at a moment's notice, you can slip the folded part of the rectangle through the laces.

Have your princess hold the scepter majestically in her hand. It can also double as a magic wand.

You can accessorize with anything from old jewelry to feather boas.

Add any jewelry and other accessories that you desire. Now your princess is ready for the royal ball!


This costume is simple enough to make that you can do it as a party activity at a princess party.