How to Make a Poncho Pattern

Poncho patterns are quick to make and can be reused multiple times.
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Ponchos are wonderful garments for keeping warm in cold or windy climates. Both children and adults can use a colorful, soft poncho in the winter months. These useful garments can also be designed quickly and with little sewing experience. Take a few measurements and make a poncho pattern that can be used multiple times to create a wide array of colorful ponchos.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Butcher Paper Or Old Newspapers

Measure from the top of the shoulder down the arm to the point where you would like the poncho to hit on the body. For example, if you get a measurement of 20 inches, double this amount and add about 10 inches for a total of 50 inches.

Lie a large sheet of butcher paper on an even surface. If you are using newspapers, overlap a few leaves of the newspapers and hold them together with a few pieces of clear tape. Draw a large square using the measurement from Step 1 and mark on the paper using a pencil. In this example, the square would measure 50 inches by 50 inches.

Use a ruler to find the dead center of the square and mark it with a dot. Measure a circle that encompasses the center of the square, measuring 5 inches in each direction, or 10 inches in diameter. Draw the circle using a pencil. This circle will be the opening for the head on the poncho.

Cut out all four sides of the square. Cut out the hole in the center of the square.

Use the pattern by laying the square of butcher paper on the fabric of your choice. Pin the pattern in place and cut along the perimeter of the square and cut out the circle in the center. Depending on your fabric choice, you may have to hem the edges of the poncho and around the head opening. Reuse the pattern as many times as you would like.


  • Make different sized patterns for children and adults by taking the shoulder to elbow measurement for each age group.