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How to Make a Plain White Mask

Plain White Mask
Bartlomiej Stroinski

Children love to play dress up. One thing children like to wear are masks. Masks give them the ability to pretend to be someone else for a little while. Children can make masks at home in a matter of minutes. This mask is plain white and uses ribbons to tie it in place.

Plain White Mask
Bartlomiej Stroinski

Things You'll Need:

  • Stapler
  • Paper Plate
  • Ribbon
  • Pencil
  • A Friend Or Parent

Hold a paper plate to your face. If the plate has a curl on the edge, make sure the edge is curled toward your face.

Have a friend use a pencil to mark where your eyes, nose and mouth are on the paper plate. This will be your guide for cutting.

Cut out holes for your eyes, nose and mouth.

Cut two pieces of ribbon, each 12 inches long. You will need these to keep the mask on your face.

Staple one end of a ribbon to the middle left edge of the paper plate. Then staple one end of the other ribbon to the middle right edge. Tie the mask behind your head when you put it on.


If you don't have a paper plate, use a Styrofoam plate.

Color the mask if you don't want it to remain white.


  • Use age-appropriate scissors when children help out.
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