How to Make a Pin Cushion

How to Make a Pin Cushion. You might be familiar with the tomato shaped pin cushion that you can buy in a store, but pin cushions can come in different shapes and styles. Follow the instructions below to make a simple, square pin cushion.

Make a Pouch

Cut out two small squares of fabric or felt. These squares should be the same size, between 3 and 4 inches on each side.

Put the two right sides of your fabric together. This means that the design of one piece of fabric should face the design of your other piece.

Sew three sides of the squares together. You can use any kind of stitch you want. Just make sure that the stitches are tight.

Turn your fabric inside out so that the design is now facing you.

Prepare Your Styrofoam Stuffing

Cut out the bottom of your styrofoam cup so that it is now shaped like a tube.

Cut the cup in half from top to bottom.

Trim the styrofoam halves so that they fit in your pouch. Trim the sides and the top until they fit snugly. The styrofoam will help to hold your pins tightly in the cushion.

Stuff and Finish Your Pin Cushion

Get your styrofoam inside your pouch, and start to sew the last side closed. Stop sewing about one and a half inches from the other corner. Do not cut your thread.

Put cotton stuffing between the top and bottom halves of the styrofoam. Continue until you cannot fit any more stuffing in between the styrofoam halves.

Pick up the needle and thread that are still attached to your pin cushion, and sew the last part of the pin cushion closed.

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