How to Make a Penguin

By Lane Cummings
Kids love these cute birds, so penguin-centered crafts are a big hit.

Many children love penguins, as they seem like cute, gentle creatures that have an enchanting waddle and striking colors. While most children will never get to have direct contact with a penguin, by creating a penguin of their very own they'll be able to befriend a penguin through their imaginations in the land of make-believe. This craft allows you to do exactly that, as well as reuse materials that would ordinarily just get thrown away.

Cut two cups out of one egg carton in such a way that the two cups are still connected. Repeat. Paint the two pairs of two connected cups black. Set one aside.

Hold one set of two attached egg carton cups vertically with the convex side (the part that rounds outward) facing you. Paint a white circle on the rounded side of each cup, leaving a slight black border. (This rounded side is actually the bottom of the egg carton cup when in a traditional egg carton.) These circles symbolize the belly of the penguin. Allow to dry.

Turn each pair of two cups over so that their painted sides face downwards and add glue to the outer edges. Push the two sets of two cups together so that they line up lengthwise and so they look almost like two snowballs on top of each other. This is the body of your penguin.

Draw a face onto the the top white circle of the penguin with any color magic marker you like.

Cut a piece of egg carton in the shape of a trapezoid about 1 inch high out of one side of an remaining egg carton cup. Paint it orange, let it dry, and glue it to the bottom of the penguin with the longer parallel line facing outwards. This represents the penguin's feet.

Cut a triangle about 1 inch high out of orange construction paper. This is the penguin's beak. Glue it onto the face with the top point facing downwards.

Cut two triangles out of black construction paper that are 2 inches high. These are the bird's wings. Glue one to either side of the penguin with the top points facing downwards.

Cut a piece of pipe cleaner that is one half of the circumference of the penguin's head and sculpt it into an upside down smile shape. Attach a pom-pom to either end. Glue to the penguin's head. These are a set of earmuffs.

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